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Black History Month Spotlight: Remembering Dr. Kevin C. Greenaugh

Black History Month Spotlight: Remembering Dr. Kevin C. Greenaugh


I first met Dr. Greenaugh in 2005 as my professor teaching Energy Engineering at Howard University where he taught as an Adjunct Professor in the School of Engineering for over 25 years. He was one of those exceptional professors who motivates and inspires his students. He was kind enough to mentor me through my studies and into my professional career at the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), where I worked alongside him for 17 years. 

Dr. Greenaugh’s passing leaves a great hole in the NNSA, but, fortunately, he inspired, motivated, and mentored so very many that his legacy lives on.

— Jahleel Hudson, Acting Director, Technology and Partnerships Office


My first encounter with Dr. Greenaugh was during a meeting at LLNL in 1998. There was escalating contention until Dr. Greenaugh calmly stepped in and restored order and decorum. I thought, ‘There’s a grownup in the room!’ During the subsequent 25 years our paths crossed many times, and we became friends as well as colleagues. On numerous occasions, I have admired his calm, professional, “grownup” presence, which remained in place even when he faced opposition to his views. I am grateful to Dr. Greenaugh for setting this example, for his mentoring of younger employees, and for the many other substantial contributions he made to NNSA missions over the course of his long career. I will greatly miss his presence, his contributions, and his friendship. 

— Dr. Marvin Adams, Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs NNSA


Kevin was one of our most experienced senior executives in NNSA. He was a valued member of our executive team in Defense Programs, and a good friend. Those of us who were lucky to work with him benefited greatly from his deep technical knowledge, respect for others, and good humor. As we mourn his loss, we will never forget his willingness to help new executives and his passion for mentoring junior staff. 

— Mike Thompson, Former Executive Principal Assistant Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, NNSA 


It is hard to put into words how much I learned from Kevin: both through his guidance and his actions. I am equal parts angered and saddened by how much he had to fight for access and advancement in his professional career, but I know that he has zero regrets. As I mourn his loss, I will take immense comfort in that, as well as in having the honor of knowing him for over 20 years. 

— Dr. Njema J. Frazier, Director, Strategic Partnerships & Engagement, NNSA 


As the first African American to receive his PhD in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Maryland, Howard University Professor of Powerplant Technology, and a leader of many facets of NNSA’s Defense Programs, I am proud and honored to have been Dr. Kevin Greenaugh’s student and mentee. Dr. Greenaugh taught me many great things in and outside of the office, and I will cherish all the moments that we shared for the rest of my life. 

— Todd Hughes, Program Manager, Nuclear Enterprise Assurance, NNSA 


I always marveled at how Kevin was able to make important and impactful contributions on such a wide array of technical topics. But even more impressive was the fact that without fail he made me feel smart and special. I will miss his insight and his friendship.

— Dr. L. Diane Hurtado, Special Assistant to the Deputy Administrator for Defense Programs, NNSA

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