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The Central African Republic’s Constitutional Referendum

The Central African Republic’s Constitutional Referendum

On August 21, the Constitutional Court of the Central African Republic validated the results of the July 30 constitutional referendum, which, among other changes, removes presidential term limits, and undercuts the country’s democratic governance. We believe that regular peaceful transitions of power yield strong institutions and more stable and prosperous countries. The United States notes with deep reservations reports of low voter participation and concerns over secrecy of the ballot. Free and fair elections, with inclusive electoral processes are essential for any democracy.

We call on the CAR government to announce a date for local elections in which all Central Africans can express their views at the ballot box. The United States stresses the importance of all stakeholders in CAR, including the government, political opposition, and civil society, to engage in the country’s electoral processes transparently, constructively, and peacefully.

Official news published at https://www.state.gov/the-central-african-republics-constitutional-referendum/

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