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Everything Kids Need to Hit the Slopes, According to Experts

Even on a bunny hill, it's important to take ensure kids are equipped with the right gear for comfort and safety.

Twelve Board Store

Twelve Board Store

MELBOURNE, Australia - January 11, 2023 - (Newswire.com)

There is no surer way to prematurely end a good day on the slopes than one of the kids having a meltdown. Ensuring kids are equipped with the right gear, including waterproof socks, fitted gloves, goggles, clothing and boots will help to protect and keep them comfortable. Here, Melbourne snowboard specialist retailer Twelve Board Store shares their top tips for equipping young skiers and snowboarders with everything they need.

According to Twelve Board Store, one of the biggest challenges of equipping kids with the gear they need is that they go up a size frequently as they grow. As this can get incredibly expensive for parents, buying second-hand whenever possible is a good idea. The snowboarding experts also recommend looking into seasonal rentals for skis, snowboards and boots. If renting gear or buying second-hand isn't an option, Twelve Board Store says parents should look for products that take fast-growing kids into account with extendible sizes and more budget-friendly prices. 

Twelve Board Store recommends investing in a good helmet to protect young, growing brains as well as pads and wrist guards that are made to fit the next generation of shredders out there. 

Ensuring clothing is durable and waterproof is essential as kids tend to spend a lot of time in the snow, explains Twelve Board Store. It's also a good idea to choose bright-coloured clothing to make it easier to spot them on the slopes and choosing base layers with flat seams and soft material are worth the investment to keep them comfortable. It is also recommended to invest in a pair of quality, properly fitting snowboard gloves to protect their hands from the cold.

When it comes to ski and snowboard boots, Twelve Board Store says they don't need to be performance-tight like adult boots, just snug enough that they won't come out of them when they hit a bump.

To explore the full range of snow gear from the world's leading brands, visit Twelve Board Store online or head in-store for an expert fitting.

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