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German Brand ‘aiLigner’ Presents a Novelty to Fight Restless Sleep and Tension

New Innovation: Smart App and Pillow Set Avoids Restless Sleep and Offers One Solution for Everyone — Developed by Several Times Winner of 'Innovation Award for Ergonomics'

aiLigner Release

'aiLigner \u2014 active sleep improvement' released

Seventy percent of employees suffer from poor sleep. "aiLigner — active sleep improvement" is the new brand of Third of Life. The German manufacturer of sleep-optimized products from Munich takes up this fight and presents an innovative sleep set with a free app and two revolutionary pillows designed for optimal sleep ergonomics. The promise: Say goodbye to neck tension and restless sleep. Its pre-order period just started.

Most of the problems that come up during sleep and cause restless nights are due to an unergonomic sleeping posture. People sleep on unsuitable pillows and mattresses. This makes it nearly impossible to ensure a naturally ergonomic posture during sleep. Restless sleep has a negative influence on regeneration and causes tension in the neck and back, up to severe pain. 

The free aiLigner app (download) allows the user to see pictures of the body and the sleep posture and analyze them. The user gets a detailed report that explains where tension and restless sleep come from. Users also get recommendations on how to sleep as ergonomically as possible, which is accurate to the inch.

This is where aiLigner pillows come in. With the innovative height-adjustable pillow, the neck and head can be optimally supported. It's made of three layers of different heights, which are removable from the cover. This allows more than 10 different height variations. The pillow is made of high-quality visco foam, which is considered the highest standard in the pillow industry.

To also perfectly support the body, especially the spine, in bed, the set also consists of the "Supporter Pad." This body support pillow, which can be inserted into the mattress cover, supports certain parts of the body. With the modular design, it allows users to improve the sleep setup for every body type.

Both pillows in combination ensure optimal sleep and prevent tension but are also available separately.

aiLigner has launched its pre-order and is offering attractive early-bird deals for the launch.

Hanno Deyle and Frieder Kuhn, the founders and managing directors of Third of Life — a successful and established German manufacturer (Multi Comparison Test winner and winner of the "Prize for Innovation in Ergonomics") of a wide range of innovative sleep-optimized products, have teamed up for aiLigner with leading sleep performance coach Nick Littlehales, who has coached soccer clubs, such as Real Madrid, in sleeping and is the bestselling author of "Sleep — Like a Pro."

Markus Kamps has also joined the team as an advisor and inventor. He is one of the biggest German sleep experts, a TV host, and a bestselling author.

The company promises optimal sleep and, as a result, the best possible regeneration. To learn more, please visit our release campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ailigner/ailigner-active-sleep-improvement.

Contact Information:
Markus Ott
Head of eCommerce
[email protected]
+49 1747013611

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