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Longboarding Can Be Enjoyed by People of Any Age and Skill Level

Longboarding is continuing to explode in popularity and the best part about it is that anyone can pick up a board and learn to ride, regardless of age or skill level

MELBOURNE, Australia - September 20, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

According to leading skateboard retailer Twelve Board Store, longboarding has become so popular in recent years because it's a great way to get around for both long- and short-distance trips. Plus, it's a fun and relaxing activity in which people of all ages and skill levels can get involved. With a wide range of longboards and gear available now, here's a guide to the different disciplines and gear to help riders get set up. 

With larger, softer wheels, longboards provide a different type of ride than typical skateboards and electric skateboards, explains Twelve Board Store. It's much easier to learn to ride one as they are more stable, meaning riders can maintain their balance with less difficulty. 

From carving and cruising to freeriding, downhill and more, there are various longboarding disciplines, ensuring years of entertainment and fun for riders. Twelve Board Store says carving and cruising are the most widespread forms of riding longboards. Skateboard enthusiasts will already be familiar with this style of riding where it's all about relaxed riding. Freeriding takes things up a notch. Twelve Board Store explains it's all about flow and style and performing plenty of slides while downhill riding is all about speed. 

It's important to ensure the style of riding is appropriate to the type of longboard. Twelve Board Store explains there are various types of boards, including top mount longboards, drop-down longboards and drop-through longboards. Boards are usually offered with different flex levels, allowing them to be tailored to the person's weight and riding style preferences. 

Twelve Board Store says protective gear is a must when longboarding. From helmets to wrist and knee guards, gloves and more, riders should always have their safety front of mind by investing in quality protective gear.

With all the gear suitable for both experienced and novice riders, Twelve Board Store can offer expert advice on the right equipment to suit any riding style. Visit Twelve Board Store online and check out their extensive range of longboarding gear as well as skateboards, skateboard decks and more. For more information, call now on 03 9421 2293.

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