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FTC, California Obtain Order Against DNA Testing Firm over Charges it Made a Myriad of Misrepresentations to Consumers to Entice Them to Buy Ancestry...

California-based CRI Genetics, LLC (CRI) will pay a $700,000 civil penalty and will be barred from a wide range of deceptive practices to settle...

FTC Authorizes Compulsory Process for AI-related Products and Services

The Federal Trade Commission has approved an omnibus resolution authorizing the use of compulsory process in nonpublic investigations involving products and services that use or...

Under Secretary Jenkins Rolls Out the Political Declaration on Responsible Military Use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Autonomy

Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security Ambassador Bonnie D. Jenkins and will travel to New York City, New York, on...

FTC Files Amicus Brief Outlining Anticompetitive Harm Caused by Improper Orange Book Listings

The Federal Trade Commission filed an amicus brief to address the anticompetitive harm that stems from improperly listed patents in the Food and Drug Administration’s...

Patrick Kilpatrick Joins Hypno Challenge to Showcase the Transformative Power of Hypnotherapy

Patrick Kilpatrick Joins Hypno Challenge to Showcase the Transformative Power of HypnotherapyPatrick Kilpatrick, a renowned actor and a pivotal figure in Hollywood, is poised to add his signature touch to the “Hypno Challenge” reality show on Gossip Stone TV as a co-producer and casting director. Kilpatrick’s extensive career in the entertainment industry spans decades, encompassing a multitude of roles in film and television, and has earned […]

FTC Returns Additional $857,000 To Consumers Harmed by Napleton Auto’s Junk Fees and Discriminatory Practices

The Federal Trade Commission is sending a second round of payments totaling more than $857,000 to consumers who were harmed by Illinois-based Napleton Automotive...

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