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Renewable You for 2024: Clean Energy Upgrades for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Through President Biden’s Justice40 Initiative, we’re directing at least 40 percent of the benefits of climate and clean energy investments to disadvantaged communities. This initiative creates good-paying jobs, revitalizes local economies, provides affordable, sustainable housing, boosts workforce development and training, promotes reduction of legacy pollution, and invests in critical infrastructure for clean water. There are 167 DOE programs under Justice40 that provide a pathway for equitable deep decarbonization that transforms and builds wealth in underserved/overburdened communities.  As President Biden said, “We’ll create good jobs for millions of Americans…and we’ll do it all to withstand the devastating effects of climate change and promote environmental justice.” Learn how DOE is implementing this historic initiative and the kinds of investments that fall within the Justice40 initiative.  Consider whether a research institution, company, nonprofit organization, Tribe, or other group you are part of could participate in these programs. 

Making energy efficiency and sustainability part of your New Year’s resolutions opens a pathway to savings, community resilience, and a safer, healthier Earth for future generations to call home. 

Official news published at https://www.energy.gov/articles/renewable-you-2024-clean-energy-upgrades-your-new-years-resolutions

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