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ComboCurve Announces V36 Release, Introducing a New Advantage in Energy Sector Economic Analytics and Forecasting

Users Now Able to Import and Forecast Up to 40 Custom Streams

ComboCurve, a leader in energy analytics and forecasting for the oil and gas industry, today announced the release of version 36 of its software, which includes the integration of customs streams into the ComboCurve platform. This upgrade affords users limitless modeling flexibility and augments the existing forecasting and economic evaluation, further reinforcing ComboCurve as a leader in enhancing capital efficiency and operational effectiveness within the energy industry.

The release of V36 marks a milestone in analytics and forecasting. Users will be able to import and forecast up to 40 distinct streams, 20 at both the company and project levels, surpassing legacy software limitations. Organizations can now leverage data from non-traditional streams, from CO2 emissions to total liquids and flare meters, offering energy companies an exceptional level of detail and flexibility. 

"Custom Streams enables our clients to perform sophisticated, granular forecasting and economic analyses on streams like helium, CO2, sulfur, and lithium,” said Armand Paradis, CEO and founder of ComboCurve. “It outperforms traditional legacy solutions and is significantly easier to use than these older systems.”

Central to this release is the integration of custom streams with ComboCurve’s Scenario Module, prioritizing streamlined revenue modeling and accurate expense estimations. This significant update boosts the platform’s economic analysis capabilities, enabling users to incorporate pricing, differentials, and expenses across a broader dataset.

“At the heart of ComboCurve is our data, and the introduction of custom streams to our SaaS platform reaffirms our commitment to supporting the big data needs for the oil and gas enterprise,” says CJ Montano, CTO of ComboCurve. “Our ability to elastically incorporate data variability, visualization, and performance at scale within already accepted workflows proves the power of the cloud and sets the tone for our future data strategy.”

About ComboCurve 

Headquartered in Houston, ComboCurve is the fastest-growing platform in the energy industry. The company provides advanced data analysis tools and seamless integrations that enable decision-makers to make informed, data-driven strategic decisions. For more information, contact ComboCurve or follow us on LinkedIn.

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