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Election Irregularity Issues Must Be Effectively Addressed Says Redo Voting President

Official statement by John G. Rogers DBA, Ph.D., President, Redo Voting


Divided We Fall

ATLANTA - August 4, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

With trust in America's electoral process reaching an all-time low, Redo Voting is a new, automated, completely auditable, digitally secure, large-scale voting system currently being offered to all U.S. states. Following this week's primaries, Redo Voting President John Rogers made the following official statement.

"As the country watches, horrified, the election irregularities plague continues into the primary season. From reports of uncounted and missing ballots in Texas, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C., to dysfunction, malfunction and confusion in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, and Nevada, many sides acknowledge that there is a systemic problem that must be addressed.

"Since the 2016 Presidential election, our current election processes have generated concern across the country. Public confidence in our election systems has fallen to an alarmingly low level. Traditional balloting methods are consistently questioned, and the arena of ideas abandoned in favor of partisan accusations of fraud. Inflamed factions inspire violence, and in the eyes of the world, we are no different than any other agitated realm calling itself a republic. With the upcoming midterm elections, the media in all its forms offers conjecture and conspiracy theories suggesting that no matter what we do, power elites from one side or the other will steal this election and every election in the future from the American people.

"It cannot be this way. Absolute integrity, as well as the incorruptible perception of integrity, must be the standard. 

"Legitimate concerns about election integrity generally coincide in three areas; accessibility, security, and confidence.

·      Accessibility ensures that every registered voter has uncomplicated access to exercise their right to vote in local, state, and federal elections without unreasonable difficulty.

·      Security combines protection and privacy so that voters are physically safe, protected from intimidation or harm, that their legitimate votes are delivered and tabulated as cast in a timely, accurate and legally defined manner — and privacy of choice is protected for every voter without compromising the integrity of election outcomes.

·      Confidence is a combination of auditability, transparency, and reliability, ensuring that there is a clearly observable, unobstructed path from the point where a vote is cast to where it is tabulated, resulting in a verified artifact from each voting transaction. The process for casting and tabulating votes is well understood and the rules are clearly followed. The final vote tabulation is completely trustworthy, perfectly accurate, and completely transparent.

"Our society is rapidly becoming both more electronically connected and physically dispersed. With the rise of social networks and necessary societal prudence in the face of recurring pandemic events, it makes sense that the next major evolution in elections will be a dramatic shift to online voting. While this directly addresses the major issues, the potential for sophisticated bad actors hacking into the process or the results could create an even greater legitimacy crisis than the one we have now. Accessibility, security, and confidence would have to be unassailable and mathematically provable. There could be no secret or inaccessible code, and no part of the process the voter could not personally see and verify. 

"The time has come for transparent technology to remove politics from the courtroom and incendiary street rage and return it to the arena of ideas where it belongs. 

"This is America. We can do this." 


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