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Fiber Mountain, Inc. Merges With Green Lambda Corporation

Embracing the Future of AI/ML Software Management & Security for Data Center Physical Layer

Fiber Mountain, Inc. and Green Lambda Corporation are merging to bring a new market vision guided by AI/ML Software Management and Security solutions for the data center industry. The combined company will be called Fiber Mountain, Inc. and is headquartered in Norman, Oklahoma.

This evolution of the data center establishes a milestone at a time when AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Language) are at the forefront of all facets of the networking environment.

“We are pleased with our progression into the next phase for Fiber Mountain with our advanced AI/ML Software technology,” says MH Raza, CEO of Fiber Mountain. “This advanced technology is deployed at several top-tier customers worldwide,” articulated Raza.

Fiber Mountain provides AI/ML Software Management and Security solutions to government and enterprise customers. Infrastructure deployments over the past decade include millions of fiber optic cables, thousands of racks, and as many devices in a data center, but the connectivity between these devices cannot be traced easily, and many times is not documented properly. Fiber Mountain solutions automatically document every connection and can provide a real-time map of the entire network. Every port is uniquely labeled using ICID (Intelligent Connection ID), a patented technology only available for the company’s fiber optic cable.

Every port on a device and every end of cable connected to a port has a unique ID, readable by remote software. A patch panel with an LCD display is provided to read the cable connections and map them across the data center. Sensors in each cable and within the panel gather real-time information, and the AI engine associates all the information collected with actions in the data center to provide previously unseen efficiency and security.

A large part of the solution is its Zero Trust security capabilities. Zero Trust is applied at several stages of a network; however, Fiber Mountain is the industry’s first company to provide it from a physical connection security perspective. Zero Trust at the lowest point in the network, in the physical layer, says that the earlier Zero Trust is applied, the better it will be. Pay attention to this space, as it will change security profiles in data centers.

Watch this space for future Fiber Mountain products and solutions.

About Fiber Mountain

Fiber Mountain’s AI/ML-driven solutions will track, monitor, and automate data center networks of hyperscale, government, and enterprise clients. The company is known for its innovations in the data center infrastructure space and continues to bring new solutions to the market. For more information or a product demonstration, please visit https://fibermountain.com.

Contact Information:
Carmen Head
Chief Administration Officer
[email protected]
+1 (405) 546-1141

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